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This Kind of Silence is an inspirational story about gratitude for the small blessings in life, learning to listen again, and the quiet joys of stillness amidst the noise.

Michele Susan Brown is a writer, award winning author, and speaker based in Northern California, where she lives with her husband, two dogs, and the wild birds that visit her backyard feeders.

Michele is a narrative non-fiction writer based in Northern California whose debut book, a memoir titled This Kind of Silence: Learning to Listen by Losing My Hearing, which is published by Joanne Fedler Media and is now available for sale in Australia.

Please note the book is currently being finalized by an international agent, therefore it is only available on *Amazon, Australia*

Stay tuned for USA/Canada and please see in-person events with Michele where you can buy the book and get it signed.

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What if you knew that you had the power to help heal your own physical pain, illness or incapacity? 

Michele was a successful thirty-two-year-old school principal and married mother of two, when she woke up one morning and could no longer hear.

Doctors could offer no explanation. She spent three frustrating and desperate years searching to make sense of the medical mystery, but doctors told her there was little chance she would ever hear again. Then one day, a colleague asked, “What is it, perhaps, that you don’t want to hear?”

THIS KIND OF SILENCE: How Losing My Hearing Taught Me to Listen - is an invitation for you to begin a radical self-care journey of your own especially if there are 'mysterious signs' that you are currently navigating in your life. This book demonstrates how vulnerability and willingness to listen can unlock our inner intelligence and intuition. 

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This Kind of Silence

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Praise for the book:


Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold

My book was honored with a GOLD AWARD by the Nonfiction Book Awards, via the Nonfiction Authors Association!

“I truly enjoyed your book and its personal insights shared through your strong and intimate writing style.  It transcends the familiar pattern of books by people who have overcome or healed from ailments or injuries by helping the reader understand how essential the physical sense of hearing has been to you and is for all of us.  The frustrations and losses you share are balanced by your inner transformation and wisdom.  Your first person narrative draws in readers to become compassionate listeners to you and hopefully to people in their lives as well.  While the structure shifts between experiences over the course of several decades, it is not as hard to follow the timeline as it is in some books that use this type of framework.  Thank you for helping me become more aware of the gift of hearing and the emotions that impact our physical experience through your vivid words and feelings.”

- Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program

‘A beautifully written book that instills hope in the great mysteries of life and reminds us of the powerful connection between the body, mind, and soul. This story will return you to the deep wisdom of your own knowing. It may even make you believe in miracles.’

—Joanne Fedler

Writer’s retreat in Fiji with Joanne Fedler, 2014

Writer’s retreat in Fiji with Joanne Fedler, 2014


Stay tuned for USA/Canada or please see in-person events with Michele where you can buy the book and get it signed.

$26 AUD Paperback

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This Kind of Silence Review

Written by blogger, Heidi Lynn's BookReviews

“First, I want to thank Michele Susan Brown and The Nonfiction Awards for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

I commend Michele Susan Brown for being incredibly brave and sharing her deeply personal story with her readers in This Kind of Silence. Through this book you will see many sides of Michele as she goes through her journey of finding herself after hearing loss. One thing is for sure she is stronger person for going through this.

Michele has a gift for writing with passionate, compassionate emotions behind the characters in particular scenes. Many of these scenes my heart strings were pulled on hard!

Whomever designed this book cover did an amazing job. I thought it was the most beautiful book cover I have seen in ages!!

There is a beautiful letter to the reader in this book. This has been a dream of Michele’s of 5 years to make this book a reality.”



I am a narrative non-fiction writer based in Northern California with a debut book, a memoir titled This Kind of Silence: Learning to Listen by Losing My Hearing, and I know just how powerful connection is between the mind, body, heart, and soul... and how important it is that we listen to our body’s own innate wisdom.

I learned the hard way. I spent months that turned into years searching externally for answers when odd and unusual heath issues appeared. I didn’t realize I needed to look deeper within myself as well.

I hope my own personal experience may serve as a reflective example of how you can be more compassionate, truthful, and supportive with yourself during confusing and challenging times. Here are some of the questions I've asked myself and the answers which have come as a result changed everything for me... So how about you?

Where in your life are you receiving signs in the form of gentle nudges or bright red flags?

Have you ever wondered if your body has some important messages for you when it speaks?

Are you listening? Or are you too busy and annoyed, with more important things to focus on?

These kinds of questions, contemplations, discussions, and truthful sharing feed our souls.

During my creative early morning hours these last couple of days, I put finishing touches on a beautifully designed immersive product called the Wisdom Within Workbook.

I would like to offer you a sneak peek sample! It's a free downloadable gift to you to inspire you to consider the importance of exploring more of your own wisdom within, please subscribe to my list and I will email you the PDF.