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This Kind of Silence, Paperback available in Australia

Michele is a narrative non-fiction writer based in Northern California whose debut book, a memoir titled This Kind of Silence: Learning to Listen by Losing My Hearing. You can also listen to the Audio version of the first chapter.

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Meet Michele

What began as a mission to regain my hearing became a journey of facing unspoken truths and breaking the silences that has kept me trapped in the past… This Kind of Silence is an inspirational story about gratitude for the small blessings in life, learning to listen again, and the quiet joys of stillness amidst the noise.

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“Wisdom Within” - is an invitation to turn your gaze inward.


Updates From Michele:

Michele’s Story - short video introduction

Holding your book for the first time, is every Author’s Dream… Learn why she wrote it.


This Kind Of Silence will soon be available as an Audio Book!

Tune in to this video below to see a short segment from the studio, behind-the-scenes of audio recording.

A testimonial that touched my heart…

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“This Kind of Silence is a profound and sensitively written memoir that chronicles the author's journey of self-discovery, leading to the rich rewards of personal freedom and joy. Michele's story of the trauma of losing her hearing, and the confusion and self-doubt that ensues is only the surface of her struggle. The real trauma is hiding beneath the layers.

Michele's story illuminates how facing our deepest hidden pain and fears about ourselves strips them of their power, and brings us into the light. As we follow Michele's journey, we become aware of how painful and destructive the lies we believe about ourselves can be. It is our own hidden fears and misconceptions about who we are that keep us imprisoned, and it is through recognizing this that we can be healed. Michele brings a message of hope to the reader of realizing the personal power that lies within each one of us.”

~Alecia Paolini

Avid reader and retired English Teacher


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Self-Care Journey

Your deeply revelational Self-Care Journey starts by sourcing your wisdom within. I’ve designed this meditative and contemplative experience to support your journey of self-awareness and discovery…