Where in your life are you receiving signs in the form of gentle nudges or bright red flags?

I am a narrative non-fiction writer based in Northern California with a debut book, a memoir titled This Kind of Silence: Learning to Listen by Losing My Hearing, and I know just how powerful connection is between the mind, body, heart, and soul... and how important it is that we listen to our body’s own innate wisdom.

I learned the hard way. I spent months that turned into years searching externally for answers when odd and unusual heath issues appeared. I didn’t realize I needed to look deeper within myself as well.

I hope my own personal experience may serve as a reflective example of how you can be more compassionate, truthful, and supportive with yourself during confusing and challenging times. Here are some of the questions I've asked myself and the answers which have come as a result changed everything for me... So how about you?

During my creative early morning hours these last couple of days, I put finishing touches on a beautifully designed immersive product called the Wisdom Within Workbook.

I would like to offer you a sneak peek sample! It's a free downloadable gift to you to inspire you to consider the importance of exploring more of your own wisdom within.

Have you ever wondered if your body has some important messages for you when it speaks?

Are you listening? Or are you too busy and annoyed, with more important things to focus on?

These kinds of questions, contemplations, discussions, and truthful sharing feed our souls.


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